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L. Lynn Hempstead

Hope Advocate and

Guide to Growing through Grief


“Grieving is a process. There’s a process of the shock, the anger, and then coping with the situation. You have to experience all of those levels to move forward, and sometimes you need help in that.”

New Release

Silver Linings

In this candid literary masterpiece, L. Lynn Hempstead takes widows on a personal journey of both managing their grief responses for better mental health and honoring their husband’s life and legacy long-term. Silver Linings: A Widow’s Guide to Processing Grief and Loss is a self-paced guide and lifeline to emotional healing that can seamlessly be incorporated into a widow’s daily self-care routine. In an effort to help widows reestablish equilibrium during early grief, Silver Linings is part one of a two-part series that steers widows worldwide through Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning. 

An emotionally responsible gift to give to every new widow in your life, this grief guide is also an ideal tool to be used in professional counseling sessions, and informal widow support group meetings.


Golden Goals 


About L. Lynn Hempstead

As an advocate of hope and healing, L. Lynn is best known for encouraging the bereaved through gratitude and mindfulness, equipping them to build a future in which they can learn to be at peace and operate fully in their purpose. Helping people grow as they grieve, she strategically helps them manage their emotional trauma from loss, find new purpose in their existence, and honor their loved ones in a meaningful way. While aiding others in discovering new life goals and objectives as a means to honor the legacy of their loved ones, she infuses compassion, empowerment, and optimism to promote wholeness.

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