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L. Lynn Hempstead Professional Biography

L. Lynn Hempstead, Ed S, LPC, is a nationally certified counselor, author, educator, and mentor with over 20 years of experience in mental health. After losing her mother in 2019, father in 2020, and newlywed husband in 2021, she knows firsthand how grief can immobilize and deplete a person from their motivation to go on. With a strong desire to help others, L. Lynn is compelled to use and share on a larger scale lifesaving coping strategies and tools to inspire and empower grievers to live unapologetically after loss. Wholeheartedly committed to not leaving others in the dark, she seeks to normalize active grieving - helping people rebuild and repurpose their lives.

As an advocate of hope and healing, L. Lynn is best known for encouraging the bereaved through gratitude and mindfulness, equipping them to build a future in which they can learn to be at peace and operate fully in their purpose. Helping people grow as they grieve, she strategically helps them manage their emotional trauma from loss, find new purpose in their existence, and honor their loved ones in a meaningful way. While aiding others in discovering new life goals and objectives as a means to honor the legacy of their loved ones, she infuses compassion, empowerment, optimism, and humor to promote wholeness.


When she’s not pouring hope into the lives of those who are grieving, you can find her counseling and supporting students, educators and families in a school district in southeastern Michigan. Guiding and empowering students since 1998, L. Lynn holds degrees in both education and counseling from Wayne State University.

Holding firm to her foundation of faith, she has served as a Vacation Bible School teacher, youth group counselor and Bible Bowl Competition coach, L. Lynn is living proof that one can serve successfully, and seamlessly, in both the marketplace and ministry. L. Lynn is an uplifting speaker and teacher over multiple mental health topics, yet her true passion and gift lies in helping those who support the bereaved by coaching grief support group leaders. While maintaining her mission to support people of all ages to become the best version of themselves, you will find her at her best being birth mom and bonus mom to her four daughters, reading, doing yard work, exercising, laughing at tiktoc videos, and watching Marvel movies.

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“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief, but gratitude.”

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